We want to explore the interaction between digital games and human values. Many values come into play within the context of games, such as “diversity, justice, inclusion, privacy, environmentalism, trust, sharing, cooperation and creativity” (Flanagan and Nissenbaum 2006)

HCI as a field is increasingly focused on the importance of engaging with broader discussions around human values. Games are an ideal medium for reflecting on social, ethical and political questions.

As Flanagan has said “what if some games, and the more general concept of “play,” not only provide outlets for entertainment but also function as means for creative expression, as instruments for conceptual thinking, or as tools to help examine or work through social issues?” (Flanagan 2009).

Accordingly, we propose a multidisciplinary workshop to discuss existing work, consider the future and bring together a range of different epistemological perspectives.

We hope to look at the following questions:

  • Why are games particularly useful for considering human values?
  • What are the best examples we have seen thus far of game being used in this way?
  • What kinds of social issues and values do we want games to explore?
  • Is it the appropriate for games to be used in this way to consider ‘big’ social issues?

Please read the draft paper for more information and if you have any questions, email us at:



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Flanagan, M. and Nissenbaum, H. Values at Play in Digital Games. MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2014.