I was thinking it might be a nice idea to create a resource page for people interested in the use of games as a tool to explore human values. I came across a couple of articles on ACM Interactions, so I will use them to get the list started but please ping any suggestions to gamesandvalues@gmail.com – it would be nice for this to be a collaborative effort 🙂

Journals/Conference Papers etc:

Michael Horn – Beyond Computer Games for Social Change (2014) Interactions

Joyram and Nirali Chakraborty – Public Policy and Violence in Video Games (2015) Interactions

BBC Two Horizon  “Are Video Games Really That Bad?” 

BBC iWonder “Can Video Games be Good for You?”

C Couch – Keep Calm and Play On: Video Games That Track Your Heart Rate (2015) MIT Technology Review
Last Updated 21 Sept 2015